Wednesday 30 November 2016

A Writer?.. Are You Serious?

African and Caribbean parents have more in common than some realise. Anyone who knows African or Caribbean people will tell you that. Especially, parents of a certain age.

My parents, wanted me to become a Lawyer.
Apparently I was very inquisitive.
In fact, they were convinced I would become a Lawyer, up until the point that they were convinced that I'd become a world class athlete. Lol.
I will give them credit for this; although they had their preferences, in fact, whatever I presented to them career wise (within reason) they appeared willing to support.
Their only fear (or slight concern) was my slightly 'rebellious' and questioning nature, my cultural awareness, and my attachment to retaining my culture amidst a society which would rather you render it. (Or at least.. cool it down a bit).
Not my British culture.. no that I can propagate freely.
But the other two :)
I guess they had genuine reason/s to be fearful.
(based as it was..on experience, and that wisdom of the elders)

There is still a desire among many African families to have Doctors and Lawyers in the family, and there always will be
And why not?, they remain honourable professions
Plus anything which suggests 'upwardly mobile' and may induce a minute or two fun bar bragging rights perhaps, will always appeal to some, but in the end, what's really important, is the child's well being and mental health; as too much stress or pressure to comply or succeed, can be a hard bolder to carry on young shoulders.

But I understand it.
Ultimately, what parents want, is for their children to be well educated, and find a source of legal income whether employment or in business which will grant them a wonderful quality of life, and the ability to care for their families.
Of course!
But give writers a break abeg!
as the irony is that no degree would be possible without... reading
..and there would be nothing to read... without writers
Respect writers I say

Trust me, without out the 'Arts'
I do believe that the world would be a much duller, and poorer place

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