Thursday 29 December 2016

Bunji Garlin - Turn Up

Have you begun shaking off 2016?...
How you all doing?

and what a year it has been.
Do I say that every year?
It- is- highly- likely.

If there was ever a year where the masses took a hard look at themselves, Identity and nationalism.. and did not shy away from deciding where they stood either was this one
If there was ever a year for personal stresses for many people.. and political curveballs, was this one..
If there was ever a year when a country a 'peaceful' as The Gambia looked on the brink of serious civil conflict.. it was this one
If there was ever a year when despite the 'nonsense' hope and love sprang eternal.. it was this one
Yes, I know the year isn't behind us to qualify it being referred to in the past tense, but really.. 2016?.. really?!

However, its been interesting and It hasn't been all bad, not at all, and there remains a great deal to be grateful for
So I'll just say that I'm grateful for the good things that have transpired over the year
.. grateful for life
thanking god for the wisdom and mercy
life is a journey..
yada, yada, yada:)


Our Snoop is unwell at the moment, so taking care of him as best as we can
Trip to the Vet for him today, our dear Snoop has never really been unwell before. Ti's pride and joy, and the cutest little thing.
Hope he's better soon.

Its cold out.. very cold so here's a tune to warm your dancing feet

Nice tune, nice vibes, fun vid
Good job Bunji Garlin
Turn Up!

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