Monday 12 December 2016

African leaders and power

I was so impressed when Yahya conceded defeat so quickly and graciously..
well... U turn baby U turn..

It didn't last long
Apparently investigations were conducted which implies that the result had never really fully been accepted, hence, the thorough investigation

I honestly don't know what it is with some men and power.

God help Africa at this rate
like a dog chasing its tail.. we seem to go around in circles

I wonder what next. If the President refuses to go, what will be his next move?
I have no idea whether he is right or wrong in his assertions but honestly.. tell me... if you were President, and so many voted in favour of your opposition.. what would you do?
Overly long speeches and flamboyant rhetoric..
When you consider that many leaders in the poorest countries in Africa often preside over an uneducated masses, do you think it's fair?

In a democracy people can choose whether to vote, or not
Or so I thought
Is the suggestion that huge swathes of people were coerced manipulated or tricked into not voting? well, if so, that would be very serious indeed
We need a Garvey
Wake up Africa

Oh Yahya.. I spoke so highly of you.. wetin happen now
Wetin be the problem with men and power
Lets hope they find a peaceful resolution. If they go to the polls again, and the result remains the same.. what then?

I naively thought they were happy with the incorruptible marbles!

Perhaps if people had allowed him to leave gracefully and didn't insult him or his mother, he wouldn't had felt such a change of heart. He's a man after all.
...and men.. can have very fragile egos


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