Saturday 17 December 2016

In love with me

Ode to me...

I take care of me
I care what happens to me
I'm considerate and kind to myself.. at least I try to be
I'm not vengeful towards myself, nether do I actively try to deceive myself
I pay my bills and expect nothing in return other than the services agreed
I appreciate my time and my efforts
I believe in my dreams and my aspirations
I set aside time for myself to nurture and feel my presence
I am loyal to myself
I respect the person I am.. and the person I'm becoming
I enjoy my jokes, my scarcasm, and my wit
I do not bully myself, neither do I try to undermine myself
I keep myself clean, and wash my clothes
I tidy up after myself
..cook for myself..
..and feed myself as best I can
In fact. I care whether I've eaten or not, slept well, or not, and how my day has been
I take myself out
I enjoy my company
I genuinely want the best for myself, and try my best to get it
I buy myself gifts
Every so often i'll by myself flowers...and not moan about the price, just because.. they're beautiful
..same with wrist bangles..
I select playlists for myself to cater to my moods
I take care of my responsibilities to the best of my ability
I encourage myself to keep learning..
..keep growing
..keep improving
I tend to eat well but when the mood takes me and I want to splurge.. I splurge.. and do not criticise, or attempt to make myself feel guilty about it
I appreciate my body, each curve every angle.. every length..
I love the colour of my skin and attach no negative associations to it
I've taken the time to discover what turns me on
..and what turns me off
Ive noted both
I'm patient with myself and when not. I remind myself.. with respect.. to be patient
I respect.. me

I love myself because despite my flaws and failings..
Ive stuck by me
For all these years
Through every glorious moment..
every high..
every low..
every trial
and tribulation
through abundant times
and though scarcity..

and.. I always will
In fact.. I'm the greatest friend, and love , I've ever had


Oh by the way I nearly forgot!

If I haven't said it yet..
I'll say it now......
Merry Christmas darlings x

I'll be home for xmas, all will be sampling my cooking god willing


  1. They say you can't love anyone else unless you love yourself. :)

    1. So I hear Joe, so I hear :)
      Hope ur good x

  2. Actually life sucks at the moment, but you know I'll survive. x