Saturday 31 December 2016

Adieu to 2016

As we see out the final hours of 2016 to make way for 2017, I pray that you all have a wonderful New Year ahead,
filled with blessings, success, joy and an abundance of Love.

For those who have experienced difficult times this year, may you be filled with hope, and find comfort in the coming year
For those who have had a great year, may your new year be greater still!.

I'm about to get my 'glad rags' on

Snoop ( our cat) is back home
Thankfully after receiving the initial prognosis that he'd need an operation costing almost £2k and having to leave him overnight, the call came this morning that he would be able to come home after all, and the operation wont be required

Thank god.
Poor little thing is looking much better anyway
( and Snoop's looking better too... lol)

Do you like my new reading glasses?
I do... I look so darn smart right? heehee..
I'm just getting used to them anyway

There has been an abundance of good music this year as with ever year.
I usually like to offer a musical rundown of the year but this time I'll just offer again for your listening pleasure the last tune that warmed me all over

Pressure Buss Pipe... you're up my singer!

Happy New Year in Advance my darlings
Stay safe
Stay blessed x


  1. :)) suits you madam lol. I've been wearing em for an age, don't know if it's given me the smart pass yet.

    A very happy new Y2K17 to you and the family!

    1. Awww I was hoping for some kind of spectacle wearing= smarter by osmosis process.. darn it lol. But you? you smart long time brainiac :) Happy new year to you too x