Tuesday 25 October 2016

Breast & Honey.. humour - gods gift to mankind

I heard this last week
'the spirit lies in the breast of a lay-dee...'
What a funny man
Lol, The reporter's quite funny herself
Good afternoon x


  1. suck out the spirit of what from her where? loooool I go die o!

    1. So funny:). He doesn't sound Nigerian to me though, sounds Kenyan or Zimbabwean.

    2. Though his name gave it away sort of to me, yeah he didn't sound Nigerian. Then the rumbled fool said 'ewo!' in his real accent ('oh my!'), complete Igbo idiot. The fact these women, albeit spiritually vulnerable, would submit their glands to this pervert for salvation .. too deep, worrying

  2. Made me laugh when he said that.. :) ..I know i shouldn't.
    I'm hoping the women just want their breast sucked for physical pleasure and nowt else, because if they really believed that his sucking will provide spiritual healing then yes, that's deeply unfair to them. But different strokes and all that... they say if you believe in something strongly enough...
    I just know it the funniest convo ive heard in a while