Monday 17 October 2016

# bringbackourMEN

Well... it seems the Clown phase has finally hit Nigeria, after the US and London.. :-)

For a President of a country of approximately 188,336,691 half of which are men, President Buhari's comments were careless callous and unfortunate.
Considering the recent enough kidnapping of over 200 schoolgrils, in addition to many African women suffering 'domestic abuse' under the guise of culture or cultural expectations, his comments could simply cement the ignorance of many men who insist on treating women as second class citizens.
Buhari's wife is beautiful, intelligent and hardworking. To speak of his wife on the public stage such as he has, seems somewhat disrespectful

One can only hope it was said with a hint of irony and jest.
Yet the serious looking Buhari has never struck me as a man with a sense of humour .. but, perhaps I was wrong.
( he remains on my 'smile-watch' for that very reason)

In the main.. most women I know don't dont mind being in the kitchen, being the main cook, and taking care of their families etc
Yet to imply that such a role is somewhat insignificant, or therein lies the limitations of women is a bit insulting.
Consider this.. my own mother worked.. yes, but I can undoubtedly say that most of her time was spent in the kitchen, cooking, cleaning ironing and taking care of us and my dad.
Yet it was my own mother who brought his comments to my attention!

I can only assume that the Presidential adviser was away on vacation
Back to charm school! I reckon.
Although it's said that you can't teach an old dog new tricks, I think it's worth a try.

#Bringbackourmen! I say... out of which there will be leaders among them

[Guardian Article]


  1. his true sentiments, not at all surprised still. media advisor/consultant will get the sack and all will be made good in the world of the chauvinist. look at Trump's crew, spinning like crazy

  2. It's difficult to drag a country's men into the 21st century when the leader insists on staying in the 14th century. Personally, my woman won't even need to go in the kitchen except to eat or maybe watch me cook, because I love to cook.