Monday 31 October 2016

Attachments!. Out with the old and in with the new

'wuk my waist wuk my waist..'
up early. lots to do.

Today I say goodbye to a good friend. We've worked together, dreamed together, laughed together, discussed news together.. been a vessel for my thoughts and opinions, and rolled out some sweet tunes together. Been ever so crucially useful over the past few weeks, and has stood by my side throughout.. wishing me well... no back chat.. and straight up loyal
Nope, not my car ( as some of you guys may be thinking)..
but , my laptop
Yes, time to say goodbye to this baby, and hello to a new one.
The pleasure, my darling... was mutual i'm sure..
you had me touching you up every day so how could it not....

In the Caribbean we say 'new broom sweep clean.. but ole broom know every corner'
A testimony to our loyalty. Yeah, we tend to be loyal folk, but needs must and all that. You must return home..
I was a mere foster parent

Have a great day x


  1. As one door closes another one opens. Bye bye laptop.

    1. truer words never spoken Joe, such is the way

  2. ha! best ode to tech, really lovely pictures


    :)) had a stupid grin on my face while driving home on Saturday night. "Stronger Force" came on the radio, turned the volume to max

  3. I bet you could write a better one!.. being a tech guy an all :)
    merci as always for the compliment and.. wow nice one selector.. 'Stronger Force, that tune can't done. Up, Viva! :)

  4. 'new broom sweep clean.. but ole broom know every corner' I like that!