Saturday 15 November 2014

Africa's dis-unity? We need Band Aid!

The original Band Aid single helped to put the metaphorical nail in the coffin of H.I.M Emperor Haile Selassie's legacy/reign, alongside an infamous BBC report which allegedly showed footage of previous famines also and was used as a weird propaganda tool.
Why does no-one ever talk about Mengistu?
Mengitsu was no angel
I tell you.. Politics?... It's rough.

To be honest, It isn't clear who was actually in power at the time. The Dergue ousted Haile Selassie in 1974 and was therefore in power at the time of the famine that became known worldwide. Yet people blame Selassie.
In truth.. Ethiopia had known more than one famine.
..but Selassie had to go. He was a wanted man since the 1930's.
Ethiopia is the only African country that was never officially colonized. They 'fought off' the Italians and won. until Selassie was forced into exile. For more information on that check [click] for a chapter on Selassie's reign.

The new Band Aid single will remind us that 'Africa' the country.. still needs help. and only the West will do.
Because Africans.. still..cannot help themselves

Forgive my cynicism.
I am inclined to think that Bob means well..( I want to believe the best in others most times) and I do however, think that Live Aid was an organisational masterpiece.
It made Bob Geldof, and catapulted further, many other careers also

But my point isn't really about Bob...
It's the whole darn thing
Sometimes I get so annoyed and irritated with our current crop of dis-unified leaders. Those seemingly more concerned with lining thier own pockets.. overseeing a nation that will undoubtedly do the same.
The dog eat dog. crabs in a barrel attitudes that come to define many without a hope in hell.
That's one way of looking at it

Another way of looking at it, is that many of these relatively young countries.. are actually doing quite well! if you consider from whence they came
The destruction caused by the slave trade and colonialism , the carving up of the continent, IMF debts,civil wars, neo-colonialism 'globalization...and yet.. it's now said that some of the largest growing economies in the world...are to be found in Africa.
I don't believe it. but apparently it's true.

This is what I believe..
I think that big business is taking place across Africa,, international agents are seizing land and opportunities , new creative industries are emerging along side the older industries. But what tends to grow.. are the bank accounts of those 'doing business' while the 'poor' stay poor.
What we have across 'Africa'.. is a growing Elite. and a growing disparity between the richest and the poorest.
.. and a growing number of western educated leaders/politicians who don't seem to give a shit. ( as long as their families are okay)
Some say we need a fresh crop of leaders. Many blame the 'old guard'.. the old 'independence warriors'. I say no..
We already have a fresh crop of 'leaders' in positions of power now, who are corrupt, and care little about thier colonial past.

Anyway.. we shall see.
I hope I am wrong.
If we look at it another way, to be fair, many African countries were left with nothing on gaining thier independence from colonial rule. As the settlers moved/ or were kicked out, what was left were a few educated individuals, ( guiding the 'uneducated by western standards masses)' who had to pretty much start from scratch. Many western government colonial officials absolutely cleared thier offices, leaving no trace.. just like magic Others offered some kind of 'hand over'.. but never really let go.. so independence remained 'in name only,

But if Ebola has highlighted anything for me .. it is that corruption affects everyone. Look at the dire health services in those affected countries. Where is the money?
The leaders are killing thier own people.. through greed and mismanagement.

So... the heroes are back. just in case we forgot just how much we need our heroes.

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