Wednesday 5 November 2014

Yeah.. and?. My Wednesday verbal rant

Here are a few things that tick me off, or have ticked me off over the past week or two.

If you're gonna queue.. do it properly. Otherwise I will break said queue etiquette and go straight to the front!.
..Yeah..? .. and?..

Don't call me Afro centric, especially if you know my name, and unless I ask you to. besides.. if you call me afro centric you'll then have to admit to eurocentricity.. which you more than likely aint gonna wanna do.
Keep it simple. My name is Dawna. If anything.. you may say I have PanAfrican tendancies. ( I can live with that.. I'm in good company)

If you're a man and you ask me out. Pay. If you're broke, save up then ask. (I may offer, may even pay..why not, but i'm a traditionalist.. and I like it that way)
Don't expect me to take the role of the man.. then want your penis back. Make your mind up.

Don't use the phrase reverse racism in my presence and expect me to take you seriously. Seriously? it doesn't exist.
( readers...we can argue that one out if you like)

Stop saying that 'putting the clocks back give you an hour more in bed'. I doesn't.
Don't try and manipulate me
please note that I didn't ask for insincerity as a birthday or Christamss gift... so don't give it to me

If you smoke on the street, please look around you to see if someone is there before you burn me, or blow smoke in my face ( literally)

If you sneeze or cough on the street please cover your face ( if Ebola was in the UK and contractible that way.. we'd be screwed)

If you find fault with me or my interests.. keep it to yourself ( unless I ask you) honestly.. keep it to yourself.

I am not nor have I ever been.. spoilt ( this one is in my head) But trust me... I sure would like to be :)

Yes my waist is high.. you don't need to remind me.. i see it up there everyday

If you say you love me.. don't go quiet the next day.. it's okay.. you still macho (and you have great taste)

Why are my maths skills getting worse?.. I can barely add 50 and 50!? lol

heehee.. have a great day x


  1. I love the video. Many people (all relatives) have told me I'm spoiled. What am I? Sour milk?


    1. Lol!!.sour milk!. Relatives are funny.. they love saying things like that