Sunday 23 November 2014

Spotlight on Castro . not the Cuban.. but the great Ghanaian singer

The video tells a powerful story of jealousy - sussu - obea.. and ultimately, a search for healing. The video helps those of us who don't speak the language, to understand the song
I'm somewhat addicted to the percussion arrangement truth be told.. seriously.. the beat is intoxicating.
Castro.. fantastic artist. He sure has some great music and videos, but they often say not to upload. So I try look for those don't say that. RIP Castro... never found.

Here's another

Castro - Odo Pa ft. Baby Jet & Kofi Kinaata

Life can be so unpredictable..

Akoo Nana -Mi Yadaw ft Castro

Best to try live it well x
We salute you Castro..

About Castro - Wikipedia
BBC Article [click]


  1. I agree, this is marvelous to listen to . . disappeared???
    yikers . . .

    1. Glad you like too :).
      ..Presumed drowned sadly.