Saturday 15 November 2014

Does Western Style Democracy feed 'Africa's' Political Corruption Machine

I'm not really following the run up to the Nigerian 2015 elections or anything, but it's hard not to hear a thing or two.
I wonder what bribes - I mean methods - politicians will utlize to secure votes.

Heck...I wonder what sham promises - I mean manifestos - we have to look forward to [not] reading here in the UK also. See.. bribery isn't unique to Afrique :)


"In order to win the Presidency in 2015, the successful party will have to control the majority of Nigeria’s 36 state Governorships.
In the 2015 elections half of the State Governors will have completed their maximum two terms, so state-level elections are likely to be extremely competitive across the country". [more]

The elections ( and this song) which are scheduled to take place on 14th February next year.. ooohh Valentines day!. got me thinking about democracy in African countries, and why some feel it doesn't work.
Arguments against state that It is possible, and is historically proven that the majority ethnic groups tend to do very well, paving the way for on-going cronyism/tribalism and corruption. Minority groups often feel thier voices are not heard, leaving them marginalized.. Arguments against also cite the structure of many African societies/communities, where decisions are not made in a vacuum. Lives tend (ed) not to be individualistic, but communal, with chiefs consulted, elders consulted.. and one voice speaking for all. ( for the good of all)

I think Democracy can work. It just takes an exceptional person perhaps.
I think it's a very difficult thing to get right.

Article [Why Western Style Democracy Is not Suitable for Africa]

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