Thursday 20 November 2014

Ganja Farmer - Greedy Capitalist or humble Rastaman? ft Marlon Asher

So the Marley Family have launched a Cannabis brand called 'Marley Natural' which is to be sold where Cannabis is legal.
Bob Marley's legacy... is an interesting one.
His image is probably one of the most recognizable images across the entire globe.

Most people have an impression of Bob.
The Rastsman,..the Ganja smoker, the Locks, the Ethiopian colours.. the women, the music..
No one can argue that Bob Marley is big business, . the commodification of Bob and the commodification of Rastafari is undeniable. Across the world, locks became possibly the fastest growing 'hairstyle' and the rise in the number of white Rastafarians seemingly taking the movement in a new direction and begging the question..just what does Rastafari mean today?

Ironically perhaps...Bob seemed to have had very little interest in capitalist pursuits, despite being one of the biggest selling artists of the 20th century!

Beneath the haze of commercialization...Bob was so much more than the smoking of 'herbs' .. more than the colours, more than the locks.. use his image to front a brand of Cannabis?
I don't know.. I really don't.

I've been told many times that Cannabis has many health benefits. I personally don't smoke it, but I'm well aware that across the Caribbean it's often boiled and drunk as tea.. They don't get high.. It's not about that.

I fear there is a real issue with weed theses days. It's often sprayed/laced with other toxins to make it more potent. Young people who buy weed, don't really know what they're getting.
Skunk is manufactured to be as potent as possible.
(which can lead to problems such as hallucinations etc..or even longer term issues)
My advice would be... don't.

Smoking weed these days is risky business. It's not a business soley run by those humble Rastamen in the hills anymore. you know... those men who used to grow Ganja farms to sell enough to feed thier families. No...those days are long gone. Those who sell weed want big profits, and to buy nice cars and all the other trappings that have come to epitomize wealth and success.
Prayer, meditation and healing I suspect are the last thing on many peoples minds when they light up theses days.
Sure you may have a few who smoke to ease physical pain, and yes you will always have those who just wanna light up to chill. But my feeling is that a great many people smoke like they drink. They want a buzz, and they want to get high.

*Ganja Farmer - Marlon Asher*

I understand that Marley Natural with be a range of products, creams , lotions etc, infused with Cannabis.
But lets face it., When people think Bob they think the Rasta that sung some great tunes and smoked weed, Not the rubbing in of some herb infused cream.
It's a business.

Bob has many fans. We love him, we can be overprotective. We love his music his message, his style. We're accustomed to people adorning themselves with Marley t-shirts, and posters on the wall.
But when is it enough?.. when does it become too much?... or is it all just.. One Love.
I'm not keen on the exploitation of Rasta,.. or of Bob... but it's his family so they must know. and if they're okay with it.. who am I to talk.

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  1. I hope my kids never start smoking weed. I hadn't thought about it being laced with other stuff. That could be a serious problem!

  2. Yes I'm sure. I hope they don't Sherry. I'm very happy that my lot don't smoke. But it's good if they can be well informed about these things if anything, because there are some very unscrupulous people out there.
    There are pros and cons to everything but at least if 'you're' well informed you can decide what's best for 'you'