Monday 17 November 2014

How should an African Woman dress?

I have a confession to make.
I quite like wearing short skirts, I find them cute and fun.
I like my jeans tight
I like long skirts too ( shock horror)
.. and sometimes I even like baggy flowing clothes
What will you make of me..?
Go figure...
Like you I suspect...I like nice things.. I like nice clothes if I can find some. Heck... I even saw a really nice Black and White Mini Cooper this evening ( 2nd hand as it was only £4,000) and I tell you when I saw the Leather Trim interior I felt a little weak at the knees..
Does that make me a bad person?.
It makes me me

So...apparently a woman was stripped naked in Nairobi last week in public, ridiculed and assaulted, by a group of men, who felt that she was indecently dressed.
She was wearing a miniskirt..
... and what looked like.. a t shirt.

Who are these men, that felt the need to do that ?
A mini skirt? .. enticing.. really?
Men have been known to rape women who are dressed in burka's. .. you know that right?
Clothing is irrelevant to a man who wants to rape.

The hypocrisy of some men is also outrageous. For example, quite a few men sleep around, use prostitutes, watch OTT porn and get up to all sorts. ( and lie about it) . So tell me...what's worse.. getting up to all sorts in private .. or being totally upfront about it?

Who's policing the behaviour of the men in our midst, who are 'inappropriate'?
and just what is inappropriate exactly?
Some men should dress nicer..
Should we strip them naked and insist they improve on their attire?
Some men are just so darn sexy, and fit...with thier firm six packs... dark chocolate skin glistening in the summer sun.. muscles a pumping.. should we strip them naked and punish them for enticing me.. I mean us...women?
You know why?
Because we've got sense.. and that's not the way you do things.

Why strip a woman naked anyway?.. why not clothe her then. Clearly..perhaps.. they needed and wanted to see more?.
How horny are these men that they cant see legs and not get an uncontrollable raging erection?
Give me a break..

Whilst I think there is a debate to be had regarding cultural changes.. maintaining traditions vs, embracing the new, a debate on the positive and negative effects of western influences, standards, or decency and respectability perhaps.. how we embrace change, or just plain asking how far is too far?
How do we manage our differences whilst maintaining respect for each other?
Sure...these are questions that require answers...
But ultimately...I think women should set the agenda...on who they want to be.

There are times when I think many of us have pandered to male flights of fancy for so long that we cant see the wood for the trees ( see what I did there.. wood get it?) No?.. not Jamaican?..okay , nevermind.
Perhaps some men need to remember this.... 'not every woman is your wife'. 'Choose your wife wisely ( to suit your tastes) and leave the rest alone'.

I hate the thought of these men disrespecting a woman like that..
But I wouldn't like to see a barrage of Kim Kardashian clones across the continent, with thier naked arses out either ....
We gotta wake up

Today I say...
Respect to all the men out there, that love women and know how to treat us
We not all whores.. yet we not perfect either
We just human
Just like you.

Talk to us



  1. I think North American culture needs to take a step back on the way we dress but other countries most definitely need to take several steps forward.