Monday 17 November 2014

Angel wings and fairy lights.. that's what little me was made of.. (*not really)

I'm looking forward to the Christmas holidays!
I love fairy lights
Love songs
Good food
Good music
Romantic films on TV
The annual classics like Wizard of Oz
I hope they show 'Mrs Doubtfire' this year

I have a Christmas tree
Raising the children.. when they were small I didn't allow it
Didn't believe in it
They're grown now
It's different
It just is
I used to recognize Jan 7th.. (Ethiopian Christmas)
But couldn't really manage the two
.. and noone else in the family except my tight ( love him really) brother did .. so it wasn't the same
The holidays are about family , friends, togetherness
Plus we're all on leave from work in December!
I felt I was being unfair
..because I loved Christmas as a child
and I turned out okay .. ( I think)
Conscious enough ( I think)
I was a hypocrite though because we always went to my mums.. where I'd insist she put one up!

I watched a film yesterday called 17 again ( with the boys)
A woman had decorated her entire garden with lights
It was so beautiful
I'd love to do that
Cover my garden with fairy lights

I bought some dry arse 'nibble's today.
You know the savoury mix?
You know Christmas is coming if you start buying that shit
You think you'll nibble on them while watching a movie..
Then you realize you don't want to .. but will probably have to because noone else wants them
After 8 anyone?
I love Stevie Wonder
As the season approaches i'll be digging out these love songs
You know why?..
Because i'm really looking forward to the Christmas holidays :)


  1. I have mixed feelings about Christmas. I love the time with family and all the decorations (within reason). But all the commercialism makes me want to go away for the entire month of December and stay there until January.

    Why did you not believe in Christmas trees and what made you decide one was ok?

  2. I completely understand what you mean about the commercialization etc.
    I don't much like the over packed shops!
    The tree thing was because I read up on the real meaning of the tree and its pagan roots etc. I can't quite remember the detail now..but I read enough at the time for it not to appeal to me. As the children grew older, I felt they were old enough to not be brainwashed by the symbolism including commercialism, or get sucked in by untold stories, but be more grounded about the whole thing. I felt also that despite how it begun.. I could relax a little and just enjoy.. just as i did as a child. I guess I felt that how we live.. love and treat each other is a constant..and far more important, than whether I have a tree up or not. Having a tree is easy.. it's the rest that takes work.

    I used to be really very serious about things Birdie. I still can be.. but I've learnt to balance it better I think ( hope)
    ..and ease up a bit:)