Tuesday 18 November 2014

Catching Up with BattaBox.. A word or 2 from Lagos

Will the guy in the pale yellow shirt ever get a girlfriend again after this? .. yikes
his sore wife.. I mean poor wife :)


White shirt man said a cheating wife is as dangerous as poison.. she can easily kill!?!.. eh?!

"As a matter of Nigerian concern I would spend de money"... lol!!
If there was an extra 2 grand in my account I would honestly think it was mine.. I wouldn't even blink #realtok


One guy said he'd take her to counselling! .. another said he'd " run straight to god!"...


They found a very handsome man with tribal marks ( 1st pic)
I wonder if people will feel this way about our current love of tatoos later on down the line.
Tribal marked people have no choice do they. If it's the cultural practice of the family, it's usually done really early. Anyway, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Tribal marked or not.

My favourite comment is..

"A lady with tribal marks.... tribal marks doesnt really matter.. quite alright, what matters is love..".. Awwww Sweet

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