Friday 28 November 2014

7th Heaven Riddim. TGIF

Artists - Kabaka Pyramid. Bugle I Octaine. Alaine. Tarrus Riley & Demarco on the Mix

I'm quite tired, so grateful for the impending weekend.
I was speaking to a music producer in Freetown yesterday ( thanks to my new friend) and I must say.. the music due to emerge from Sierra Leone is solid. My prediction is that like Nigeria the music industry is due to take off in a big way. I love the energy and the vibe. Hopefully I'll be able to share some exclusives with you soon enough.

Life is 'funny' at times.
It take all kinds of twists and turns. who knew I would connect with someone over there who loves music and politics just as much as I do ( although I say I don't like politics, I cant shut up about it)
I realize even more that it's a small world in many ways.

Our friendship grows stronger each day, and I'm very grateful for that.
I am becoming more convinced things rarely happen by chance or accident, but by design
Who knew
Pray that he stays well.. that's very important... and that Ebola makes a hasty retreat. Will be a great day when I get to visit ( he's just as excited as me ) after all.. held that 'dream' for many years now.
I admire people who face adversity and fight on. Those with vision ambition passion and a desire to make a difference. I wish them the strength to continue to fight on...there's is a story worth telling
We all have different things that make us tick don't we :)
Anyway, gotta get ready...

Feel better soon JJ. x

My musical selections always tend to match how I feel and today is no exception
Have a great day allx


Ti says.. why am I wearing a turtle neck like some African poet.. or some kinda Revolutionary :)
who do I think I am in the monochrome colours... .
said whenever he sees the' turtle neck'.. he knows what time it is lol!!..'s blooming cold that's why!!

Yay it's Friday!

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