Saturday 1 November 2014

'Rebuilding' Somalia [Aljazeera]

He said.. ( crane operator)
'we are supporting the government'
Only he's not really.. he's supporting ( unknowingly of course) America, and the foreign investors who have a stake in the country.
Somalia does not own itself. Can we really recognise a neo-colonial government by proxy?. Is that what it will take to rebuild Somalia?

I found this film very frustrating to say the least.
Somalia's colonial legacy continues to tear it apart. Divide and rule is the best way to maintain power,
To expect Somalians to trust a western backed government over thier clan, may be asking to much. Clan/tribal divisions tend to ruin the goal of strong nationhood.. but it doesn't have to
The problem is perhaps as I said.. Somalia does not own itself.. and needs to regain, rebuild, remember its own identity.

Sole dependency on foreign aid is little to smile about

Trust really is the greatest commodity.. and it in in short supply across the continent.. across the world.
Somalia has few options if any.


What a mess. Even the war lords are smiling


  1. I can't see the video in the US, but I think Somalia is a tragic and broken country. Colonialism has left such a mess in its wake, and I think it is going to take a long time for countries to recover. So many places have tribal groups, and it is challenging to forge a national identity. Thanks for sharing this, Dawna, even if I couldn't view it. Take care, you caring lady!

  2. You are right about Somalia. it's such a challenge. I think one of the biggest challenges is building trust. I've noticed that when I post Aljazeera videos you cant see them.. You understand Somalia already though..
    It's funny as a friend said to me recently that I remind them of when a child wants to know everything about everything lol!. I really don't.. for example.. i have little interest in climate change ( and that's mega right?). I'm not sure why I'm indifferent to it. I think it's because it's inconclusive?
    We all have our thing I guess
    Hope your having a nice day Fundy!, you and the ever patient:)