Monday 17 November 2014

Special people in Sierra Leone

I met a woman today from Sierra Leone. She asked me if I tok Krio, I said I'm trying to learn. I communicated abit.. ( a tiny bit) in Krio. But I felt shy though.

Anyway, she's a nurse and wants to prepare herself and gain a few new skills , update her old skills, and go back home to help out. She was confident that Ebola will go soon.
Tonight on The BBC ( Panorama) I watched a young woman burst into tears as she was told her sister had died. She listened to the doctor, was really still for a moment, then, simply fell apart. It actually made me cry to see that.. that was awful.. It took me unawares. Of all the reports I've seen on Ebola, (and there are many) this was the most heartbreaking.
I really didn't expect it.

The doctor wore a special camera so that the viewers could see inside the contaminated areas, and experience as much as it possible, what life is like for an MSF doctor.
It's really horrible
.. so sparse!.
.. and you have to be meticulous with disinfecting, at the various stages.
One thing that I hadn't considered.. is the heat. Often whilst working, they have to endure the heat of Sierra Leone under a protective suit
I hope the nurse who wants to return is right... I hope it goes soon
The people have suffered way too much
I wonder what changes the SL government will make to improve things after this..

The report I saw I couldn't find on YouTube.. Its probably on the BBC IPlayer
This is another - by Street Child.

Anyway.. off toBedfordshire

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