Monday 24 November 2014

My Monday melodies ft Christopher Martin - Stepping Razor - Me she want & Pura Vida

Nice play on the Peter Tosh tune. Christopher Martin sounds smooth on this, and is full of those sweet lyrics as usual...

"They get addicted to my vibe.. I make them feel so good inside
Intoxicated by my smile
These girls fall in no time.."

Bring out mi history scan my profile....

We are fast approaching the end of the year... already
Have you begun your yearly reflection yet?.. do you do that?

I'll tell you something. For me, it has been a very eventful year. Its been a busy one.. I've met alot of people and had lots of new experiences. I still have a good few things to complete before the end of the year. Things to set in motion. I'm not complaining. I'm actually really pleased.
I do miss summer though, It was beautiful in many ways..and for many reasons.

Two of our hottest dancehall artists... at least two of my fav's. Yes, nice combo.

Pura Vida sounds lovely. Kinda matches my mood this evening.
It's absolutely freezing outside.. but that's okay.
It's warm indoors and that's what matters.

In truth.. I'm actually feeling good
Hope you are too x

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