Sunday 17 January 2016

Selective memories..

It's how we cope isn't it..:)

For those of us who have given birth the pain fades quickly..overtaken by the joy..God willing of a new child.

Our memories can serve us well. They can teach us.. many things
We...on the other hand, often make poor students.
For girls?..We may choose to remember a shabby boyfriends behaviour, but forgive similar behaviour from a current one.

Why?.. perhaps the reason for that is we may just get fed up...may choose to simply accept some things as the norm and give up trying..
Change is possible some may think... But not in my time...
A bit like the whole put the toilet seat down thing. I many times can you say it before throwing your hands in the air in dismay!.. stating emphatically...' I give up'

Enjoy your dreams.. whatever they may be, yes...wouldn't want it any other way..
Our dreams our our own.. hindered only by percieved reality...
and our moral compass

One need not get defensive about them... Especially if they need no justification, and cause no potential harm to others
For me..that's something worth remembering

Our selective memories can be a source of comfort for sure... we turn to them when we need them..after all, some truths are too heavy a load to carry.
Lighten that load. Choose happiness.

Btw.. that seat?.. It can come down.. (or come off altogether..:)

Sweet dreams

Off to Bedfordshire x

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