Thursday 21 January 2016

Can you read my mind..?

You can certainly try...

The burden of the unknowing.

There are times I'm convinced I have the ability.. or power to read minds.
Other times ( seriously) i'm not so sure... put it simply... I can't.

It's when I'm not so sure that my discomfort emerges.
Yes.. very disconcerting
Why did she say that thing she said...
or.. what's her motivation?
What the real story behind the smile...

Another aspect of mind-reading is ... intuition. Perhaps it all is
Much of what we say is non verbal.. we are far more articulate.. the less we say. We leak our thoughts, despite ourselves.
Indeed, there are times when I'm highly intuitive... other times not so.

Have you ever wondered how magicians do it?

But seriously, If you think about how many thoughts we have on an average day... filling the mind... can you image the mind filled also with the thoughts of others?.. Thoughts you really don't even want
Information Overload... especially if you consider the huge amount of random or pointless thoughts on any given day! ( no this isn't one of them - cheek!)

Would you want the power of mindreading?
Sounds great in theory perhaps but could be tough no doubt..


  1. Hi Dawna! You raised an interesting question! I am quite happy not to be able to read minds. I have enough going on in my own mind not to need more! Furthermore, considering how many mundane, random, even petty or harmful thoughts float around in my head, I don't need to pick up similar thoughts of others. I am intuitive, and I think humans take in a great deal nonverbally. I have learned to listen to my "gut" because it rarely steers me wrong. I like the new look of your blog! Have a good one!

  2. I think the more intuitive you are, the easier it is to read people. That's a personality trait. I've got that. I don't claim to read minds, but I have a very good sense of how people feel. You may be the same way.

  3. "If you could read my mind, love, what a tale my thoughts would tell." Some people are very good at doing "cold readings." I have sometimes told friends or family members that something would happen, based on observations I made. I'm usually right.