Tuesday 19 January 2016

Is it a problem to be more educated than your man? ..

Awhile back I read an article which stated that black females with PhD's, were more likely to be single.
The argument was the potential suitors ( black males in this particular case ) would be less likely to be as educated, and as a result would feel burgeoning resentment and their masculinity threatened... and under attack

This led to an increase in single females, and an increase in females more likely to 'hide' their skills capabilities and education.

You can be smart.. or you can have a man... the old saying goes.

You choose..

So why are so many men threatened by women who are more intelligent than they are?
Is this intelligence measured by educations, qualifications.. or just down right common sense?

Historically, highly intelligent and successful men would have their pick of the bunch, ( so to speak) but tended to choose a woman who in many ways.. would be of no ( intellectual) threat to them. ( Having money was okay though)
Times have changed some-what ( quite a bit) but I wonder now...how many women would be prepared to date a man significantly less educated than they are?
Does it matter?

I would say this... growing up I noticed a trend. and that 'trend' was that women seemed to be the most accomplished, and often...the men were lagging behind. Some had ambition ( fair enough) but many did not.
Yet the women.... would keep on keeping on... propping up the fellas anyway education or not, and risking the wrath of the gods by bucking the tradition of 'men take care of women'..
and this... was despite the fact that its often been said that boys... are the favoured child. ( the Princes in the Kingdom)

In the latter days of Rastafari many of the men acted as fountains of knowledge, and misinterpretations and re interpretations of the Pan African movement were rife. The women, were to sit a the heel of the 'king-man'and, be silent, and learn.
If the women learnt to much however..... in many cases...the men would beat them

That... Is a common story.
I've met quite a few women whose husbands wont allow them to study.. even to learn English ( In England) to help them to interact in society

What are those men really afraid of?

Here's an article on the subject by Faith Njeri Kibere [click]


  1. I have more education than my boyfriend, but it's not a problem. He has more experience. We learn from each other. He's also not the kind of man who picks on women.


    1. Thats great Janie..as picking on women just really isn't cool. That makes him very smart indeed

    2. Yeah, because if he picked on me, then I'd have to beat the crap out of him.