Sunday 24 January 2016

Weekend WOW Factor 2:.Mr Darcy will finish us all..

..and not in a good way :)

( Remember this character?)

I love a Rom com. But more often than not they're so unlike real life it's amazing. Rom com's are the dream... Real life is not a dream.
Real hard-core relationships can take work, and can often leave one wondering hey!..just where da f**k is Mr Darcy? ( snooty as he was)

(Not a rom com I know but the BBC did well with this one..funny too)

Where's the proverbial horse ridden by the tall handsome dude with lashings of cash..No backchat, and a desire only to serve?
Get thee behind me Rom-coms.
Deceive the masses no more. Tremble under the feet of the woke.. and charm us no longer with thou gloriously woven spell..

Well... Unless there's one on today x
(Told you I love them ..)
No.. I'll be strong, as today is for gardening. Unless my bed charms me back this afternoon.
How fabulously indecisive I can be.
No thats 'my'..perogative..

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