Thursday 23 April 2015

How many cows does it take to milk a baboon?!....Zzzzz

Busy as it was, today was a good day work wise
and now....
I have a few days off!

Remember I said that I hadn't slept last night

well now im really tierd....

I actually had a conversation on the phone with a friend...

and fell asleep ... mid convo..


the second time it was obvous

It was obvious as I mixed up two stories and was talking absolute babble

It's official..... I am really sleepy now


sleep tight...
I'm off to Bedfordshire..


  1. I hope you got that good night's sleep, Dawna. I'm yawning just looking at all those sleeping baby animals!

  2. I think I did that night.. at least... I think so.. I can't even remember now lol!
    These animals are so cute sleeping.. how many would rip us up when awake :)
    I wouldn't mess with the top two on a hungry lunchtime that's for sure :)