Thursday 9 April 2015

Joe - If You Lose Her - Tony Braxton & Babyface - Rollercoaster.. & a thought

147 students, who will never hear these songs

For so many people, around the world, education offers a route out of poverty, can be a vehicle for self expression, offers hope to families and communities for whom without which, are highly likely to remain stranded and destitute at the bottom of societies ladder for thier foreseeable future.
Stranded at the bottom... and denied that which could possibly offer the world and it's inhabitants further insight into human development and social change
Whilst humanity grapples with the idea that somehow we have to find a way to live together, as we struggle to find healthy resolutions to our real and perceived differences, it still remains so that one of the greatest gifts other than love, protection, safety, and security, that one can offer a child (or adult) is arguably to provide them with access to an education
An education.
..that which threatens to free our minds
..from mental bondage
For many families, that's all they want wanted, to do

..and another song


  1. Very sad. These deaths make me numb. Makes me want to hug my loved ones.