Tuesday 21 April 2015

On being straight

I'm not talking about being heterosexual.. sorry those of you that were hoping for some banter on that
It's about being authentic.
It's about being true to your word and leaving little to misinterpretation

A friend of mine finally approached a guy that has been flirting with her for months.
As a result of her conversation he said he just wanted to be friends
She was upset as he had pretty much implied he really liked her and wanted more than a friendship

I was upset for her, as I don't respect people who play silly and childish mind games

He was not being honest
Maybe he has a wife at home?
Who knows. All I know is .. he hurt my friend, massaging his ego and for what?

Be a man of honour... or call yourself no man at all


  1. Yeah, it sucks that he lead her on. He should have been forthright. There's a big difference between flirting and leading someone on, and the latter seems like what he did.

  2. That's what he did.
    Why he did it.. she's no idea
    She's hurt but it will pass I guess
    If he changes his mind now and comes back, If i were her i'd give him the finger.
    ..and not in a good way. ( errr..if you know what i mean)