Wednesday 15 April 2015

Women.. when we gonna behave...

We just cant catch a break huh

We're either too fat to skinny too pretty too ugly too young too old too tall too short, too feminine not feminine enough, too smart too dumb too chatty not chatty enough ... on and on it goes.

Three stories caught my attention over the past few days
Story 1
Visibly pregnant girls are banned from returning to school in Sierra Leone. [click]

With the end to the Ebola crisis in sight, schools reopened this week across the country, with students finally able to resume their education, unless... they're pregnant. There was no entry for 'visibly pregnant' girls.

A worrying statement I read, offered a rather depressing viewpoint. It read of an uneasy tale of implied 'worthless bad girls' setting a bad example, and not wanting thier extending stomachs to encourage the 'good girls' into becoming pregnant also ( probably written by a man)

In truth, a point raised that I really couldn't argue with was that of vomiting being quite common in pregnancy ( yes it's true) , and under the circumstances, should that occur in schools, it could cause quite severe panic among both students and parents.. as such a symptom is also prevalent in Ebola cases.

Yet we should remember...
Pregnancy is not a sin.
It's not dirty
It's simply, new life

However, school girls getting pregnant should be (and rightly is) cause for concern. A greater concern could be if the fathers of these babies are much older men taking advantage, and If the girls have been subjected to abuse or rape.
Because... if large numbers of these pregnancies are the result of abuse or rape.. the girls should not be punished further. A pregnant girl or woman can still learn
Heck.. most pregnant women have to work throughout their pregnancy.. no one complains about that. Cha .. give me a break

But.... I'm torn.. you see, I do understand.
Schools do not want to 'normalize' under-age pregnancies, and admitting visibly pregnant girls would surely do that.
Yes, I can relate
...but I got pregnant just after I left.

So.. A young woman getting pregnant is an issue huh.
Oh the shame of it
But ... what if a woman is 65?
...Errrm.. Oh .. the shame of it :)

Same sweety.. different wrapper

Story 2

Well apparently it's irresponsible , selfish, and no doubt this old 'hussy' needs to be hidden away also.. just in case she enourage other 65 year olds to do the same [click]
Well... she has done it,, and she looks healthy and happy to me
The only thing I'd say is.. if it was IVF , does that mean that she didn't get to enjoy the sex?. ( or did she?) She must really love being pregnant


Story 3 ....
Tess Munster ( Unfortunate surname)
Size 24 and a model [click]
Tess is 5ft 4 and very large
She's also very pretty and very curvy

I understand her success in being signed to a top mainstream agency, as she is unusual looking and very shapely
Women's bodies have been under scrutiny forever.. and that will never change
Best to fall in love with the shape you have...
There was a time when very big women were considered beautiful.. and in certain cultures they still are
Then.. very slim or skinny women were all the rage..

But tell me...Whose beauty standards are we being judged by anyway
We're all attracted to different things...!

As women we need to fight on to redefine the so called 'norm'.
... and keep doing it.. until we're free to simply be, and live our lives as we choose
After all.. they just be playing us.


  1. No, we can't catch a break. Every single part of our bodies is "not good enough". Several years ago I was watching an infomercial on a hair removal product and it was talking about how we should be ridding ourselves of the hair on our big toe! WTF? I can't think of one part of a woman's body that has been deemed OK. No, we are encouraged to change all of it. Nose, eyes, hair, teeth, hands, stomach, neck, legs, bottom... There is nothing that is fine the way it is.
    The only concern I have for a woman having a baby at 65 is the child is going to lose his/her mom at a young age. It has been devastating losing my mom and she died when I was 40. That child, with luck and good genetics will lose her mom before the age of 35. And there is no way that mom is going to have the energy to keep up with a preschooler.

  2. I hear you Birdie
    Nothing quite like being under the spotlight :)
    For some reason I have no concerns about that lady.
    Maybe I'm just tired of the double standards.. and unfair criticisms
    Older men have children often.. and technically speaking.. they die too