Monday 20 April 2015

Spin around 3 times & Point

Ti finally sorted his voting registration
'So who you gonna vote for?' I asked
'I dunno know yet..' he said
Greens.. mi hear say dem a legalize it
Eh?!..Ti.. you don't even smoke
( he likes to joke around does Ti)
'Who knows.. maybe I'll vote conservative..'
I sighed..
He continued....
'Actually.. now I've got the power (he wishes) , who knows what I'll do with it, maybe Conservative,. maybe UKIP... BNP ...
..Just get in the booth and spin around a couple times..
..see what happens...'

Heaven help us....
and that's where our little chat ended.. :)

I did ask him who put the X's on his shoes though... need I ask.. really

X marks the spot

Cat consultation..'What do you think Rocky.. you like?'

Rocky says...'meow..your taste in shoe style is like your taste in political parties.. a lil bit iffy....'

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