Saturday 25 April 2015

Habibi ft Salim Sulaiman - Back 2 Love - Dawna's song of the day

So.... I was in a shop yesterday, and heard this tune in the background..
I was feeling too shy to ask them what it was, but, It stuck in my brain.. I hummed it into the app this morning and Shazam... it came up!
The only thing that got me out of bed this morning
A very cool track indeed. Nice and heavy on the bass, stylish vocals, nice melody.. beat on point, ( other than an English translation) what more could you want..?
So... here it is. I'll make it my song of the day
It's freakin' cool.

Good morning all.. It's SATURDAY!! x
Be good, and if you can't be good.. be careful
Shucks being good is overrated these days...


  1. What a handy app! I have a friend who is a mining engineering professor at a university in Nova Scotia. He's been known to hum a song he heard to his students to find out what it was. Such an app could help him! It would be hard to stay in bed while listening to this. Even my husband, who's hearing it because he's sitting near me, is enjoying it. Happy Saturday, Dawna!

  2. Yes, that app would be great for him!
    Glad your husband enjoyed also.. it's so catchy
    Hope you had a lovely day Fundy x