Saturday 25 April 2015


She said...
'I gave him everything Dawna..
I even bought him a house.
I purchased an expensive car and it turned out that neither of us could afford the insurance.
His baby mother ended up driving it.
Previously he said.. yeah.. you're gonna see much more of me when I'm driving... but I didn't
If I bought myself shoes he wanted shoes too
rings, gold chains.. you name it
every month there was something else..'

'Come on'.. I said... there must have been something he gave you'
'Yes'.. she said


  1. Shaking my head! I hope that thrush did the trick and showed her that she needed a new relationship not with him!

    1. Well.. yes.. it did. But she endured for many years.
      That was her in reflective mode. We both shook our heads. Sighed. Then laughed.