Friday 24 April 2015

Reggae Mix 2015 [ January - February - March ] *Stars that shine the brightest*

Some days you just want the good music to flow..
What more can you ask for during those times than a nice riddim mix

I'm calling it my pre Salone Independence Graduation Riddim mix. Sure... why not.

Rest assured... that's not me in pic lol!

Nice 1 Bobbygeina

Nice mix ... I especially like this one

and this...
Good job Capleton.. cool n easy.. not too much hype

As sit-coms go you probably know by now that I really love King of Queens, Fraiser and Everybody Loves Raymond

This, was sad news today [click]

Condolences to his family and friends etc. Who knows why these thing happen. Indeed.. who knows


Those twins have always reminded me of one of my nephews


  1. I didn't listen to the news the last couple of days (cold) so I hadn't heard this, Dawna. It's so sad and such a waste. I struggled with suicidal thoughts a number of periods in my life, so I have a sense of the pain and confusion that SS may have been dealing with. No one takes his or her life lightly, and sometimes they just want the mental pain (which is physical) to stop. They see no way out or no end to their suffering and anguish, so they end it. I have a lot of compassion for teenagers today as they try to find their way in an increasingly complex, hurried, and difficult world where opportunities are harder to find.

  2. Sorry to hear that Fundy. I think it's brave to speak about it openly, and perhaps we'd be shocked to hear how many others may have felt the same way at some point. That may be reassuring to some to know they are not alone.
    It's such a sad and difficult thing for anyone to endure. I agree with you that such a thing I doubt anyway is even done lightly.
    Today's world is very stressful for young people. Increasingly they are under enormous pressure