Wednesday 3 August 2011

Welcome to my world of paint;)...

I've actually finished the 1st coat!! to be honest.. it looks a bit like someone threw up on the walls.. hmmm 'skecthy' still... that's what happens when you have red walls, takes a few coats to get rid...
you like the marigolds??.. yeah baby.. sexy eh.. wrap these round

It might have been easier if I'd moved everything outside, but got fed up after a few items:)
It's seriously hot.. time for a break...


  1. bravo! woman of many talents

    so what me lady? you gonna arrange that bbq so we can come and admire the marigold walls?

  2. ha ha, why thank you kind sir!!.. :) soon as the gloss dries it's all about the clear up job!!.. the room and me lol!!

    bbq sounds nice:) im sure we can arrange something