Wednesday 31 August 2011

Happy Birthday Ti.!!. :D

Well.. as summer ends and the time approaches midnight.. it'll be my youngest sons 18th birthday..

He came to me not long ago and told me in 4hrs time he will be 18!. I have raised 3 children to adulthood (they are a joy) and I almost don't know what to do with myself:)
I'll cook a nice meal.. and some BBQ'd chicken ( If it doesn't rain) and I'll do what I do for all birthdays, and that is .. make a birthday cake. Everyone blows out birthday candles in my house.. that's the rule!

I feel a bit odd, happy and sad. He's all grown up.. all my children now (despite the fact that they will always still need me) .. all grown up.
It becomes harder to protect your children when they reach a certain age, in some ways it becomes a barrier..and you worry a bit because you know how tough and unfair life can be. Can be great too though I know! so I try to balance it out as best I can.

The fact that they are all grown means also.. that I.. am grown.
I have grown up with my children in a way. My Ti reminded me today that I had my eldest at 18.. "19" I said.. "No mum.. 18.. do the math!".
I was mature at 18.. but .. I guess I was young and didn't even realise it.

So.. This post is in honour of my son who in approx 3hrs will turn 18
A celebration of parenthood.. and all that entails..

Seems like not so long ago we were both into Green Day.. yep we had a Green Day phase, which was kicked started by Ti's love of the track 'American Idiot'.. we then did our research on some older tunes and that was it.. we were digging Green Day..big time.

This particular track reminds me of that time.. then it was about Chilly Peppers ( as in red hot!) and Green Day.. After 9/11 he asked me why things always seem to happen in September.. I said "Ti..things happen all year round".. then this track came out.. enjoy..

Of course as with most things when your growing up you will continue to have a fondness..but in my sons case his musical tastes changed and I will now showcase his fav artists ( blowin' up the bedroom speakers) right now.. In no particular order...I give you...





and of course ... Drake

Happy Birthday Ti.. luv mumxx


  1. Tank you rusta, true say di babylon a'h hun mi down i chat chat fo lang. But stay strong n hold on to the rustaman song. If my dreadlock a blow mi know dat u kno

  2. Pretty sure that's you Ti:).. Plonker
    lol you're welcome..
    RustaBoy indeed!!:D
    I know you're in a good mood when bushman shows up!
    Enjoy the tracks

  3. I'm well late for the party but better late so ... Happy B'day Ti! Virgos rule the world!

    @Dawna who or what is bushman lol!

  4. Thank you Chrome!.. hope you had a good one also.. yes.. Ti says tells mem that too lol!!

    Bushman is all Tiras's creation.. his 'nyahbingi' lovin truth & rights chantin' alter ego.. the slightly more difficult to understand elder mentor to 'Rustaboy!!'

    Either can make an appearance on good days:) or when an explanation is needed into why the hoovering or dishes have not been done!:)