Monday 30 May 2016

Legends of Reggae: A Review

It was a great night last night at the 02.
I arrived as I Octane was performing, perhaps a timely reminder that sometimes.. shows do start on time!
I was impressed by his performance, his professionalism and his maturity.
Hence to say, I Octane is definitely an artist of quality and talent in abundance

In calling three women onto the stage Octane showed the kind of respect which sometimes escapes other dancehall artists.

No 'skinning out' expected or desired here, just pure niceness all the way, without the x rated antics.

Respect to Octane for showing respect to the women.
I feel a crush coming on.

Junior Reed is an artist that I haven't seen for many many years; he looked incredibly well, and his voice was in fine fettle.
Unless you're a die hard ( so to speak ) Reed fan, it's often easy to overlook just how much he has accomplished in his career. However, as great artists do, he reminded us through song
He said something which I found interesting. He urged wives to cook decent meals for their husbands. 'Leave out the dead flesh' ( or something along those lines) highlighting the goodness in fresh vegetables etc.

If you're married to a Rasta or a Muslim.. wives.. I beg you please don't cook pork! ( and keep it out of the fridge)
( He didn't say that exactly.. I did)

Marcia Griffiths.. is beautiful.
In fact, this is the first time for me seeing her perform 'live', ( which has surprised many people) and I wasn't disappointed.
Marica's grace was there for all to see as she sang the songs we know and love.
Looking fabulous and in great shape in her stunning dress, she paid homage to the man she 'shared so many musical memories with' ( for those who may not know Marcia was one of the I threes) Bob Marley.
Hands in the air, her rendition of redemption song was awesome.
Young Gifted and Black, was a UK hit for Marcia alongside Bob Andy way back in the 70's. Last night, it sounded absolutely great; a reminder of just how long and varied a career she has had.
Marcia is indeed, the Queen of Reggae.

By the time Freddie emerged I though perhaps my feet were becoming weary.
I was wrong.
I jumped with joy to hear some of the finest reggae music that has ever been written.
It's fair to say that Mr Mcgregor despite his fame, has still managed to retain a level of humbleness that many newer artists could certainly learn from.
His soul shines bright
I guess he can be humble, as Freddie, has nothing to prove. From songs like 'To be Poor is a Crime, to 'Wine of Violence', he simply had 'too many' hits to choose from.
As the final whistle loomed on 'time', it was all I could do but look around and think..
These artists have touched, and continue to touch the lives of so many people. For the long serving artists like Marcia and Freddie, many have grown up listening to their music.
Thier music has inspired lifted and brought joy or comfort to so many of us.
We simply cannot thank them enough

I apologise for the picture quality on this occasion
Will try and do better next time

I Octane


Junior Reed

Freddie Mcgregor

Marcia Griffiths

There was a moment of reflection for me for my bro, who used to be my stage show companion.
As my last 02 visit he was with me.
I'm sure he was smiling down on me, urging me to do my thing and have fun
( and next time, would be great to see you on the line up too)
I had fun bro, for sure.


My ride having bailed last minute meant I was a lone 'solider girl' on this occasion
So give thanks to my colleague ( and her girlfriends) who just so happened to be passing by as I awaited a new ride home
Lunch is on me honey.

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