Tuesday 31 May 2016

Rainy days and missing Rhubarb

Nice to see the rain, we certainly needed it. My garden did anyway.
Day off for me, and a chance to meet with my lecturer to look into futher studies, and to finish up writing some new tracks. Feeling positive about finding my flow again. I'll be a bit quieter over the next few days possibly just posting a few tracks for your listening pleasure. Sorry I haven't got around to visiting your Blogs and commenting but I will do soon.

I've got lots to catch up on.

My rhubarb has dissapeared! Plucked from its roots. It was doing very well out back but now it's gone.

The large tree out back is blocking the sunlight again so ill need a tree surgeon ( or whatever they're called) to sort that out.

Anyway, if I cook early it will mean more chill and music time for me, so ill take myself off to the kitchen shortly and deal with that.

Funny really, a day off is rarely a day off...but it's all good

A little extra me time

Have a great day readers x


  1. I could do without the rain, the roofers turned up at 8.am to start and had to go away. They've been here a month now and I just want the job done!

    Tree surgeons are expensive. Anyway enjoy your day off.

    1. I did Joe , hope you did too.
      Yes rain can be a pain if you need your roofing done!. Hopefully will ease up :)
      You know, I love the tree but it just gets so BIG