Monday 2 May 2016

The EU rebel

So chilled I forgot it was Monday!
Had a relaxing day doing very little:)
Just me and little man right now - he's on some educational game as I type.
My bro called me to talk politics. Trust me.. after the hellos he's straight in there. Any-time Any-place,
brexit or bremain is his favourite topic at the moment.

"How will you vote?"
" I don't know yet i've not really looked into it enough

Cue minor hysteria disgust and a long story - "arrgh okay I'll check it out!"

Then he sang me a song he's written about it - then forgot the words .lol
"Ermm ive heard it before you recorded it at mine remember?!"

Then after realizing I wasn't going to be his audience today ( he tried Job from the bible, and afrocenrism) he went on to tell me about when they first saw me - how loved I am and that they all spoilt me.
"Awww.. thanks" I said.. "I appreciate"
"Yeah whatever" was his reply.
Obama style mic drop- Phone-down
Hello?.. Hello?..

My brothers are so funny sometimes
The EU rebel ( apparently) :)
I really will look into it now though.. make a decesion, it's time


  1. Ha ha your bro sounds like a character.

    I'm voting to stay in!

    1. I'm still undecided! yes he's a character