Monday 2 May 2016

Conversations with god ( and I don't mean the book)

2nd day of a new month - bank holiday Monday.
I really didn't even realize I was getting an extended break when I took Friday off!

Setting goals has become quite common for me.
The ones that I complete with ease, seem to be the ones I'm most passionate about
go figure

I set time aside last year to do a few other things, explore and develop in other areas of my life.
The idea of setting aside anything is possibly a flawed concept.
One of my goals is to embark on my Phd journey. I was to meet with my former lecturer and I hope Phd supervisor last year, but delayed it until this year.

I guess one non academic questions is...
"Why?. What will you do with it once you have it?"
Answer - "I'm doing it for me - and completion is reward enough. I will learn a great deal, and will be in a position to explore fully and write about that which I love to talk and write about. Plus there's something about being an 'expert' ( so to speak) that appeals to me"

"So what?"
Answer - Errr, So nothing" (feisty god)

"Will you teach?"
Answer - Initially I considered lecturing p/t evenings - but the drive I had to do that has diminished somewhat"

"Not sure, perhaps my enthusiasm will return once I'm back in the saddle. besides... I like my evenings!"

"What do you want to research dear girl?"
Answer - "Now that's the part where I'm still a little unsure, and was perhaps the additional reason for my delay ( aside from love)
My areas of interest and definitely my strongest research area is in writing about Pan Africanism and the African diaspora. It formed part of my Masters dissertation and so makes sense to build on that.
Yet I also have an interest in war and conflict
How to countries rebuild trust after war? for example
How has Rwanda achieved this?.. have they really achieved it or is the fear of its return the major pacifier"

"Isn't Pan-Africanism an outdated concept?"

Answer -"In the hearts and minds of many it certainly isn't. Social media is awash with Pan African rhetoric. Perhaps it's being kept alive in the imagination - never to be fully realized in reality.
The AU does not include Caribbean countries ( despite the Caribbean being at the forefront of the Pan African movement) .. should it? if there really is a genuine will to embrace the African diaspora (as was mentioned in a recent post) why are their politics so distinctly .. separate"

Whatever I do, I aim to do alongside whatever else brings me joy".
So setting aside isn't really necessary.

"Are you sure about that?"
Answer - "It's a common notion that one should really focus on one thing at a time. But for most of us women, that's a luxury we've never been afforded".

"Do you think I'm a man?"
Answer - no.. but lets not go there...

What's important and perhaps more important, is being organised
I could be wrong, as most of the people I know who have completed a Phd have told me that they had little time to do anything else! but I'll see.
To be honest there are lots of things I'm working on and towards
but a girl needs to have fun too
So while it's okay to have goals and work towards achieving them, it's also advisable I think to keep a space for the unknown, and to ensue that fun... is at the forefront.

Enjoy being a woman, and a girl
Today for example - I just wanna chill in my yard, enjoy the cool air, have a nice meal, glass of wine, and a hug from some strong arms.
yes, that would be nice".

"Will you get that?"
Answer - will- I- heck. ...No, I'm kidding:)... most of that is kinda standard (apart from the arms).so sure , why not?. Anything else.. well... you know

"Love you girl"
Answer - "yeah.. love you too"

"Feel free to change your mind... you know how I roll :)"
" Yep... indeed I do"

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