Saturday 7 May 2016

London welcomes a New Mayor

( of London - minus the city)

We have a new Mayor of London.. yay
Sadiq Khan.
Good for the Labour Party, but in truth the position does seem a more diplomatic role, with a focus on promoting London around the world, perhaps involvement in transport.
I say that based on what I observed of Boris.

One thing Boris has is a big personality, he's a funny guy whether you agree with his politics or not
Sadiq, I suspect will humour us less, but if things continue to run well in London, all will be fine.

The campaign itself appeared to focus on the class ( and cultural) differences between the two most popular candidates; Zac and Sadiq
Sadiq's leaflet was clear. (Yet equally patronizing and somewhat off-putting.)

It said something like.. 'the council estate boy' ( as if boys from council estates cant grow up to become complete assholes, just like any other)
The implication ( as usual) was that Zac as the 'rich/privileged' boy would not be able to relate to ordinary hard-working Londoners.. unlike Sadiq
..but each played thier best card. With Muslim Sadiq viewed with suspicion from the other side

In theory.. perhaps it's true.
Perhaps one needs to experience a thing to fully appreciate the situations of others
Perhaps.. but no.. we know it's not as simple as that

So Sadiq Khan is Mayor.
The media spin is 'London appoints first Muslim mayor of a major western city'.
Who cares?
Exactly what is the point being made there?.

Ti made me laugh..
'So.. he won?... the council estate boy? ( as he's now known at home)
' was either him or Zac goldsmith'
'Who?.. Zac?'
'A rich name like Zac?...Goldsmith?.. ahh.. you should have told me - would have voted for him!'

Ti's funny.


London welcomes Sadiq Khan
Congratulations.. we wish him well!


  1. I'm just pleased Boris has gone.

    1. Boris - new buses and the Olympics new build housing for foroegn investment..
      new era under Sadiq perhaps.. or not