Monday 8 June 2015

Life is but a soap opera.. ft Spade Again - 1 drop riddim.

I woke up early this morning, listened to my love's voice then went back to sleep
Another day.. another chance to pay the bills
I'm grateful
Today I did something different.
Usually when I wake up I put on the TV to watch the news. Yeah.. BBC.
This morning?... no.
I simply got up, ran my bath , blended my veg, and listened to Chris Martin.

One thing I know about soap opera's when written just right... is that you can tune in after months or even years of not watching... and pick up the plot immediately

That's life

Today's script?
Business as usual no doubt

My script?
Put it on pause and be happy.
The sun is shining and I can do without the drama. Even if just for one day

Life is after all... but a soap opera
I'm grateful for life
God bless you x


  1. A positive attitude is a good way to start the day. You have a great day too!

    1. It certainly helps.. hope you had a good day Alieux

  2. I'm grateful for life too, Dawna! What a blessing! And isn't it wonderful to wake up to the voice of your special love! Sun is shining here too. Have a good one!

    1. It is Fundy...and I'll do my best to remember, if I should ever forget even temporarily!. Hope you had a nice day