Monday 22 June 2015

Multi tasking ft Alaine

Sick bed for me today.
No , no need to feel sorry for me, it's okay, and happens to the best and worst of us.
It's life :)

I have many things on the go at the moment and for a brief second.. I became very aware of them.
I think it's like 'real life 'circus' juggling'. The moment you focus too hard on the fact that your'e juggling you lose the rhythm and drop the balls. Try it.. it's true.
My task now is simply to regain the rhythm.. ( take some iron and get some rest!)

Been feeling a little rough for a few weeks now, so every so often I succumb.

Anyway, enough of that winging:)... as

All is well
It's serves us well to stop awhile and remember all is well
As sure as the sun shall rise and fall
we know all will be well
To smile is easier than to frown
A genuine smile filled with compassion and understanding
A smile that denotes we've overcome
and remembered all is well

my favourite girl

Okay, back to Bedfordshire x