Friday 19 June 2015

..walk by faith .. not by sight

This is pretty much my favourite Jonny Osbourne tune
I haven't heard it in a while so thought.. hey why not

Debra had me thinking about religious hypocrisy
I often wonder how some 'Christians' can denounce homosexuality yet eat pork... but I'm sure someone can tell me
I wont be too hard on anyone, as I, like others.. pick and choose scriptures on occasion

I will say this though. People often condemn countries like Jamaica or Uganda and brand them 'homophobic. Yet can we blame people for observing their faith?
Surely the issue is really simply one of religion, and how in our current and changing times, we can square the circle.. if we really need to at all.

It's probably best to simply live and let live.
Harm no one, and follow your path

There are many things that we do that contradict the things we say we believe in.
A married man or woman can recite vows to stay faithful, yet cheat (just for example)
In the holy month of Ramadan ideally there should be no war's, fighting, beating or killing in predominantly Muslim or Islamic countries...
Yet if I turn on the news I have a feeling there is still a great deal of harm being inflicted on others...

I believe that war (like sex) can, ( and possibly has)... become a global addiction ( and very lucrative..)

I have decided that 'Why'.. is the most profound question anyone could ever ask
It's certainly the most perplexing

Why do we really do, the things that we do

We are not perfect beings.. is the only thing I can say
I know I certainly am not

We try.
Some harder than others .. perhaps
But ultimately we try.

I did succumb to the news yesterday and the story which grabbed me most was of the number of 'displaced' people , across the globe.. due to war.
Surely we are reaching crisis point.
The tipping point

The number of people living in 'camps' is startling
South Sudan really is eye watering... when you consider why they began fighting in the 1st place [article]

In fact.. it upsets me to such a degree that I will really have to remove Creflo Dollar from the wall of shame, and replace him with...
guess who...
2 men will share the honour for awhile... again.


The other story was the comments made by Dr Denis Mukwege
He really is a bit of a hero of mine. I have alot of respect for him
when will somebody listen [click]

Men have an extraordinary capacity for war
Denis shows they also have an enormous capacity for peace, and to love and care

One day maybe.. we will all do better, honour our faiths, try and be as true as we can, and pray for guidance
For real
Have a happy peaceful and thoughtful Friday x

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