Sunday 28 June 2015

Weekend WOW Factor; I forgot to say... ft Gregory Porter - Water under bridges & No love dying

Good morning all

How rude of me to just launch into a post about unsettling events without even a good morning salutation.
Well.. you should know me by now. Sometimes I'm over zealous.
.. and for others.. the morning may not be so good, due to said events..
Surely what may have been a good week for some.. was not for others...

People go through so much. Endure so much. do so much in a lifetime that it's not until a period of reflection that it becomes clear.
I sat down to write something really nice, romantic even, but this is what came out.

Don't worry.. I'll get back to romance soon enough!


Noted Article this week

'The Marikana massacre is a tale of utter shame for South Africa'

Interesting watch

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