Tuesday 30 June 2015

For the 1st time

Can you see my cherries?

No, that's not a euphemism.. I really actually have cherries growing... for the 1st time...

Can you see my banana's?

lol.. again not a euphemism.. if you look closely I have tiny bananas ( steady on)
not for the 1st time.. but they always bring me joy...

You see this rose bush?
This is the 1st time in years it has given me more than 2 roses! ( they are red and beautiful.. bad picture though - sorry)

Also for the 1st time, I have pink roses ( they look white in the pic). I thought the bush was dead.. it clearly isn't

These are mos def white

I have learnt that 'greens' will always grow once planted. year after year after year.
I do nothing.. yet they grow.

If you look real close here, you may see some apples. Again, 1st time. When I bought the plant a few years back my brother said 'oh.. when you see white flowers. pick them off'.. so I did . turns out they were the apples!

It gave me no more after that.. until now

You know...I stopped watching and waiting for them, fretting over them, and look at that...they did what they had to do in thier own sweet time
Summer evenings....

Enjoy yours x

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