Friday 5 June 2015

He said - "Europe is better than Africa.." - the life of an African migrant

"When Europe is hard... if, Europe is hard... back there (Africa) it is fire.. it's hell"

Indefinite military service

That's the push

The pull is the lure of a good life
an education..
A chance..

The life of an African migrant can be deeply distressing
Things are getting tougher
Prepared to die, many cross lands and seas
Exploited by people traffickers, treated poorly by 'host nations'

Europe simply has to take them in I say...
Will it be a strain on resources?.. maybe..
..but.. richer countries have exploited the poorer for some time now.
Let them come

We need to make it easier and safer for others to come here legally. But more importantly, their reasons for leaving their home countries surely is the biggest issue, one which needs addressing
We need ethical capitalism, ethical governments and governance
This simply can't go on.
It's everyone's problem.. or at least .. it will be.
Too many wars, too much corruption and not enough fairness, understanding and tolerance
..but you knew that already...

Ever the Pan Africanist, I call for African Unity... yes.. that beast which just seems so hard to tame. Fluid, like dry sand between the fingers

Who ( or what) is to blame for this mess?

When things go well.. they can go very well.
When things go badly, they can go very badly


  1. which is disheartening because I dream of not just setting foot on the continent of my people, but visiting the country of my people- The Ivory Coast, and Ghana, at least once before I die. Every body keeps discouraging me from dreaming of that because of the civil wars. I dont know what to do.

  2. Alieux. I think you should go.
    I'm aware that we are overly inundated with negative portrayals of the continent, ( sorry if this post added to that!) and as a result I am cautious not to ever make statements like 'Europe is better than Africa' like one guy in the film
    Because I don't believe it is,.
    The issues are political and structural, and we often witness the effects and not the cause.
    Causes are overlooked, and we are often sidetracked.
    Having said all that I will never dismiss the suffering of another as that is very real.
    There are places in the UK were lives are pretty grim too. I'm not comparing - , just saying.
    Our media now has chosen to turn those ( UK) situations into money making reality shows, so we can gawp at the wretched in the cage.( if you know what I mean)
    Go to Ghana Alieux, or wherever you choose. Go, with an pen mind, see and make your mind up for yourself. Who knows.. you may even want to settle there.
    There is more to 'Africa' than war, poverty and hunger
    hey.. maybe your wife is there waiting for you :)