Sunday 14 June 2015

Heart & Soul Pt 2 : the I am notes..

How old am I?
I'm not old yet

My favourite colours are pink, yellow and blue ( not together) depending on my mood

I went to school in Hackney, and feel I learnt very little. I learnt more at home. Starting with reading and writing.

I taught myself to play the bass. It was the 1st instrument I ever owned
I also taught myself to play the guitar ( nothing fancy.. I can get by)
I love parks and open spaces.. mostly I like beaches on warm days
I love to look at the sea, yet the vastness of it also scares me
Strong winds make me nervous

I don't eat what's often termed 'sea food' no prawns.. clams, crabs.. nothing like that
I do however, eat some types of fish

From the age of 16 til my mid twenties I ate neither meat or fish
Looking back I was so skinny at one point it's unreal ( felt great though.. and not tired at all)
My 1st love was athletics. I could run for miles and not stop. It was most freeing feeling I've ever experienced.
My second love was music
3rd?.. writing.

I don't eat pork for 'religious' reasons. I deem it an unclean meat that should not be consumed by humans
Most 'Christians' now disregard the old testament. But I still hold on to that belief.
I was raised a Christian but adopted the Rastafarian faith aged 15. My beliefs have evolved somewhat since then and now it's a blend of several.
However, I'm not offended if someone calls me a Christian, and neither would I be offended if someone called me a Rastafarian, or even a Muslim
I love god.
I can drive but haven't owed a car for 6 years. I decided to spend the money on my education instead ( ..and no...I couldn't have both)
I enjoy gardening, cooking, and hosting. I love cooking for guests.

I love children
I'm passionate about Africa
I'm a socialist ethical capitalist Pan Africanist humaitarain ( again.. a mixed bag)
I'm a card carrying member of the Labour party ( and quite frankly I'll soon be asking for my money back)

My worst habit is nail biting. I stop , then start, stop then start.. geesh.. what's my age .. five?
I love being in love. Being single has it's benefits sure but I'm a Libran. I'm built for love and partnership. ( I thrive better that way)
Don't believe me?.. check my Libra profile
I'm romantic
I rarely lose my temper.. but when I do it's pretty fierce ( that's why I prefer not to lose it at all) You've been warned.
I like myself. I like the person that I am and the values that I hold.
However..not everybody will like me ( for whatever reason)
I hate feeling cold
One thing that really annoys me is being lied to, or disrespected ( pls see the earlier statement about temper)
Nandos is my favourite fast food joint
I'm 5ft 8. Most of that is legs.
My dreams reside in my heart and on my bucket list
I'm shy (sometimes)
I believe men as the traditional 'provider', should love, take care of and protect women
I believe women should love and take care of men (
( ultimately I believe that people should take care of each other - whatever the relationship make up. No abuse.
Love is precious.. a gift, and should never be taken for granted)

As you've probably guessed.. I'm heterosexual

I refuse to write about Caitlyn Jenner (oops just did) as I simply don't get the fuss.. and can't understand why anyone watches the Kardashians
If I ever do start watching.. please know that my own life has descended into utter shit

I'm worse at maths now than I was 10yrs ago. But with awareness and confidence , and downright necessity.. it's picking up again
I would do a teacher training course but it's so expensive and time consuming and unless I'm going to really work as a teacher... pointless. At this stage of the game.. my strengths lay elsewhere.
I'm very focussed
..and can be very kind
I can also be moody, emotional, impatient, irritable and depressed

I don't like obeah voodoo witchcraft or whatever you wish to call it. Why?.. I love god, and too often it's used to harm others.. due to 'jealousy' or 'badmind'
e.g.. Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the world.. but well known for the practice of voodoo. Why are the witches not casting spells that would raise the country out of poverty. Improve the lives of the people? .. what are witches doing , that they cant use their skills for good?.
Best to be avoided methinks

I think many women are naturally psychic
I think Robert Mugabe is my secret ( not any more) leader crush ( as in I've noticed that I tend to defend him alot!)
I would like to live in Africa.

I believe that musicians are a gift from god.. and potentially the most influential among us
If I could earn my living in music or journalism I probably would - although I would always be committed to helping others and the development of people, communities and countries

If I were to die tomorrow, I'd probably say .. okay.. I'm happy. I didn't get it all, didn't find it all.. but in the main, I had fun

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