Sunday 28 June 2015

The Weeknd - Rolling Stone

I wanted to find a version of this song minus the swearing but I couldn't'
I love the song, the melody an all, so here it is.. I apologise in advance
I'm on a mission not to swear or use profanity.
It's not really nice.
It's not very ladylike either tbh.
I only really swear if i'm like.. red hot angry..
So.. I'm finding ways to channel my anger so it doesn't blow like dynamite

It's rare that I get really angry.. but.. I want to stop, I want to be better. Ease up on the self taught French ( if you know what I mean)
I never ever used to. One day I think I just woke up and thought f**k that, you're gonna get it if you mess with me.
But, times change, people change
That said, perhaps it's time to make a few changes ( again). Give the soldiers some annual leave.
Be a different kind of woman
I got this now
Also, It's Ramadan.. and I'm trying.. believe it or not

I also chose the song because of the words.. I got you...

You know, I do believe that other than the words I love you.. the words.. 'I got you'... are possibly the most amazing and reassuring words one can utter to another
It's not always possible.. but in some way.. knowing the other would even try.. even wants to truly be there for you
That's nice
through the ups and downs..
the roller-coaster which is life..
I got you

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  1. Once you get started with the cursing, it's a tough habit to break. I know my daughter is around so much of it with her friends, that I'm constantly reminding her to watch her language.