Monday 1 June 2015

Fresh new week - Fresh new month

Driving tests

I passed my test many moons ago.
In my teens and eager to get going. Thought my dad would buy me car but he didn't.

My 1st ever car was a red mini.. my brother gave it to me.. don't ask me where he got it from as I've no idea :)
I think he borrowed it from a friend, as I have a vague memory of having to give it back!

I haven't had a car for some time now though.
Funnily enough I still like mini's.. love the mini cooper these days.. looks cool

Maybe I'll get another car at some point, but it's not priority for me right now.
It took me 2 attempts to pass. 1st time I reversed up the curb!

Second time, by the grace... I stayed off the curbs and on the road. bingo
I passed.


Christopher Martin is fast becoming this blog's most featured artist.
Love him

I caught up with mine over the weekend.


Today it's reported .. is the 1st day of summer

Nope.. not where I'm sitting.
Come on warm sun.. we need you.. I need you


There is a doctor on TV telling women they should ideally have children in their 30's.
She said.. if you're ready, you have the right partner, if you're financially stable.. then don't delay
Well... why does she think women delay?

Nice one doc.

Pity there's no slap feature on the TV button

Good morning all.. have a great day xx

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