Monday 1 June 2015

Breathing life back into Chivalry .. ft Chris Brown

This Facebook image...
It actually made me feel a little nauseous at first..
am I over the top?... yes...I know

It irritated me so much that I had to go back to find it again, read the comments, then copy and paste it here, just to moan about it again here in my spot.. lol.

The question posed was.. is this the shape of things to come..( someone said it's already here)
and what does this picture say to you..

It was mentioned that the man is the only one smiling, fully clothed and wearing shoes.. 'oblivious' .. the comment stated

It's an emotive picture.
I actually don't like it.
Both for what it says, and for what it doesn't

Sure you'll have men who would ride on the back of any woman like a mule.. for thier entire lives if the could
Some would make a career out of it ( I'm not sure they are truly happy being that way though)
But not all..

I'd like to think that even in this 'modern' day and age a man would look at that picture and feel appalled
I used to say that men of my dad's generation are a dying breed. but then I realized that oopps.. they actually are!
But you know what I mean though right
that 'old skl chivalry that I love ( and you read about in books :)

Well...some men are still like that... gentlemanly, old skl.. sure :)


Someone mentioned to me recently that they felt that the "so called women's liberation movement destroyed women".
It was stated that women have been tricked into believing they can have it all, but they can't.
This person said that thanks to women's liberation, women are now free to work their arses off, just as hard and harder in some cases than any man, raise children, do it all... that women have lost the right to complain about it, or even hint at the idea of being 'taken care of by a man' ( even if that's what they want)
This is.. ( I was informed) what women get for the want of thier so called liberation
Instead of being liberated.. women are in reality, more trapped than ever.
... and the most miserable set of women one is ever likely to meet, are the so called liberated ones....

I said.. "you don't like women very much do you" :)


Nice song
I'm going to bed with it later

Nice evening

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