Sunday 28 June 2015

The battle for 'hearts and minds'..

I watched a debate on TV this morning on muslim extremism and combating hate. A woman said that hate has resided in the human mind forever, that we cannot confront hate ( of whatever kind ) with military power

The talk continued on with regards to whether we need to exercise more soft power, ( diplomacy, relation building understand etc as opposed to hard power ( guns, bombs, drone attacks etc)

I'm not a fan of war.
I'm also not a fan of human beings being used as 'cannon fodder' for countries who value not their lives, but exploit their ignorance. What's sad is the number of increasing attacks on innocent people. The attack on the mosque during Ramadan in Kuwait? the attack on tourists in Tunisia? ( to name only two)
All of this surely contrary to the rules of engagement.. no?

It's quite worrying actually.
What's worrying, is that ask your average person what it's really all about ....
.. and see if they know.....

Most people have no idea
If there's a 'real conversation' taking place. it's taking place in secret.

What we may find is increasing xenophobia, anti migrant attitudes, tougher immigration policies, increased racism, and increased surveillance for all... [click]

.. yet still not know what's going on

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